Why Simparel


Why Simparel?

For businesses in the fashion industry, the ability to respond quickly to shifting consumer preferences and marketplace conditions is a key competitive advantage.


The Simparel Enterprise Solution enables that important agility but the benefits of our dedicated industry solution don't stop there. In addition to built-in specialized functionality that is tailored to your industry requirements, our software incorporates critical technology advantages that allow you to gain control of your fashion business operations and data, respond to opportunities, and realize significant results.


An Enterprise Model

While legacy and best-of-breed solutions typically offer powerful specialized functionality, they often are standalone systems that isolate business processes and data. The Simparel Enterprise Solution is purpose-built for the specific needs of the fashion industry. It unites all concept-to-consumer processes on a single enterprise platform. The result is a centralized flow of information that enables organization-wide collaboration and essential real-time visibility into development, orders, production processes and inventories


No Hard-Coding

In a hard-coded legacy solution, a change at the programming level – for example, adding a button – can be time-consuming and prone to error because the change must be coded, compiled, and implemented manually in every place the system will call on that change. In contrast, Simparel Enterprise is metadata-driven. A change is made just once to a table and then permeated automatically throughout the system. The Simparel metadata-driven model accelerates solution development and enables customization and changes to be implemented quickly, with fewer errors and less cost, to increase your return on investment.


Designed as an Open System

Legacy and best-of-breed solutions with distinct capabilities often operate as separate, unconnected systems. As a result, their processes and data are isolated, making access and interaction cumbersome. Simparel is an open system, strategically designed to interact with its environment. Simparel's interoperability enables you to import information easily from external sources, and export – from almost anywhere in the system – to tools such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis, reporting, decision-making, and other uses.


Simplified Collaboration

Finding ways for legacy systems to collaborate with newer technology is not easy. Simparel Enterprise unites all fashion-related processes and data to provide a singular view of critical information such as inventories, orders, customer data, and production. Simparel also provides the tools you need to communicate – online and in real-time – with other departments, with your customers, and with vendors.


Enabling Opportunity –From Concept to Consumer

The technology innovations built into the Simparel Enterprise empower you to anticipate and react to rapidly changing market conditions and consumer demands. This enables your business to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves – from design to distribution.