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For any small business owner, whether they are a part of the fashion industry or not, getting started and then growing and expanding is essential.


But where does one start, especially if startup funding is limited?





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When the social media platform Instagram was first launched in 2010, it would have been rather difficult to imagine the size and scope to which it would grow. In 2017, Instagram is a must for building your brand.


Key Instagram Points:


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There’s no denying the impact that social media has had on the fashion industry as a whole.




Apps such as Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way we as consumers view fashion, and the way in which the industry connects to its clientele.


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In case you haven’t heard,

we’re in the middle of a retail revolution.


Online sales are growing like crazy, yet the store experience remains very important, too. Consumers want it all: convenience, price, personalization and the list goes on. What’s an apparel executive to do?


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, , Roberto Mangual CEO


When it comes to mainstream fashion, much of the innovation that has come about is spearheaded by footwear and activewear companies. They are always looking for the next greatest thing.




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Nowadays, eco-conscious consumers are becoming more and more selective with the fashion they wear and where they shop.




To reach the eco-friendly customer, brands must take into account ethical and fair trade, as well as sustainability.  


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Like Everybody, more and more fashion brands are starting to look for ways to become sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly.


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Mr. Mangual is President and CEO of Simparel, Inc., a leading information technology developer that provides next-generation solutions for the fashion and consumer goods industries.


Since his appointment at the start of 2016, he has overseen a significant turnaround of the company as sales rose 40% in 2016 and another 30% during the first half of 2017. Simparel’s ERP, PLM, and Shop Floor Control products are considered the best in the industry and are supported by unparalleled project management and client servicing.... Continue Reading


If you are concerned about the complexity of current Fashion Product Lifecycle Managememt Systems (“Fashion PLM”), you are not alone.  


Demand for PLM has ebbed and flowed in the fashion industry ever since technologies to manage it came onto the scene. As is the case with many issues, apparel businesses come at PLM from a lot of different perspectives and needs. But there are a few things... Continue Reading


Alexa Chung, the British star long known for her street style and modeling career, just launched her own eponymous fashion label, aptly named Alexachung.





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