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Mr. Mangual is President and CEO of Simparel, Inc., a leading information technology developer that provides next-generation solutions for the fashion and consumer goods industries.


Since his appointment at the start of 2016, he has overseen a significant turnaround of the company as sales rose 40% in 2016 and another 30% during the first half of 2017. Simparel’s ERP, PLM, and Shop Floor Control products are considered the best in the industry and are supported by unparalleled project management and client servicing.... Continue Reading


If you are concerned about the complexity of current Fashion Product Lifecycle Managememt Systems (“Fashion PLM”), you are not alone.  


Demand for PLM has ebbed and flowed in the fashion industry ever since technologies to manage it came onto the scene. As is the case with many issues, apparel businesses come at PLM from a lot of different perspectives and needs. But there are a few things... Continue Reading


Alexa Chung, the British star long known for her street style and modeling career, just launched her own eponymous fashion label, aptly named Alexachung.





She has been a fixture in the fashion industry for many years, inspiring “It” bags and collaborating with... Continue Reading

Birkenstock, founded in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock, and headquartered in Neustadt, Germany, is internationally known for its iconic sandals and comfortable designs.




In the beginning, Johann Birkenstock was a simple shoemaker in the small village of Langheim-Bergheim. In 1896, however, Konrad Birkenstock, his great-great-grandson, created the first... Continue Reading


Simparel SFC (Shop Floor Control) is easy to setup, implement and use technology that tracks and manages shop floor activity and productivity in real-time. It serves as a remarkable solution for end-to-end production and supply chain planning, continuous improvement, and incentive payroll processing. It provides always-on visibility throughout the cutting, sewing, finishing and packaging production operations. Many companies have documented ROI on their Simparel... Continue Reading



Situationist, an internationally known Georgian label, is headed by the young designer Irakli Rusadze, famed for his edgy designs and technical prowess.





He is one of the few Georgian designers to gain worldwide fame - the other is Demna Gvasalia, renowned for his own fashion brand Vetements and his current tenure as Balenciaga’s creative director.... Continue Reading


While sustainable fashion as a trend has only recently become popular, some brands have been dedicated to a conscious and ethical mission from the beginning. For 25 years, People Tree has been completely committed to sustainable fashion and leading the industry in innovative and inventive techniques.



... Continue Reading


Veja, the French sneaker brand that has been around since 2004, is widely known and beloved for its commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious practices.





Founded by two friends, Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, in Paris, France, Veja has become a favorite of many... Continue Reading


Created in 1997 by Japanese designer Masaaki Homma, mastermind JAPAN is a brand that fused streetwear and luxury fashion before it became as mainstream as it is today.



Homma’s designs helped to expose Western audiences to Japanese avant-... Continue Reading

If you follow any number of lifestyle and fashion bloggers on Instagram, chances are that you’ve already seen at least one Away suitcase.




Marketed as a travel, rather than strictly luggage, brand, the suitcase start-up was founded in November 2015,... Continue Reading