Simparel Customer Testimonials


The following customer testimonials illustrate the power and flexibility of Simparel to address a diverse range and of business requirements and client-specific needs.


KOI using best fashion software

"We needed a scalable solution with out of the box functionality that could accommodate our current and future needs. We demoed a long list of competing ERP systems. Simparel’s broad and deep functionality set, along with its superior technology platform stood out from the competition. Simparel was an easy choice." – Jeremy Husk, EVP Operations, Koi Design

Mamiye e-commerce integration

"Thanks to our unified ERP solution, we now have a platform that allows us to move into the future rather than being constrained by the past. This platform has helped us improve process efficiency and has given us the ability to tweak our business model to tap into other distribution channels that would have been difficult in our old environment." – David Cropper, CIO, Mamiye Brothers

Outdoor Cap and had planning and design

"After a week of being live on Simparel, we're settling into it well. We appreciate the help and service we've seen from your end during this process. We've had excellent support both locally and from your office. We know we've thrown many business challenges your way, but you've proven our choice of you golden by rising to those challenges and showing us how truly versatile your product is. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication from everyone involved." – David Henderson, IT Department, Outdoor Cap Company, Inc.

Minds in sync avoids chargebacks

"The core objective of this ERP project was to select a single solution that had the depth and functionality to support all our key business processes. Our current situation consists of a variety of ‘best of breed’ solutions that makes managing data and overall communication difficult. We needed a single solution that could bridge the gap, and Simparel is the solution." – Paul Cuthbertson, Chief Operating Officer, MindsInSync

Outerstuff best apparel inventory management

"Outerstuff has experienced consistent growth, and our existing software limited us. We wanted to take advantage of newer technology available, which could inherently overcome some of the challenges we were facing with our current solution." – Avi Meir, Chief Technology Officer, Outerstuff

Bonobos shirt and pants SIM WMS

"As a rapidly growing company, Bonobos needed a system that is cost-effective, but still has the functionality we require today, and in the future. With Simparel, we are getting a full package system that has the flexibility to move with the company as we grow and expand. We are excited to get started, and are confident that Simparel is the best choice for Bonobos." – Karl Schroeder, Director of Finance & Operations, Bonobos

Xcessory soft goods EDI management

"In a project that touches every aspect of the business, we knew that we needed a partner that we could trust and depend on well into the future.  The staff at Simparel gave us the comfort that we were joining into a partnership.  The responsiveness and attention from the staff was superior to any other solution we looked at, and we studied the market carefully.  We are confident that Simparel is the best choice for Xcessory." – Michael Dervis, CFO, Xcessory International

RG Barry purse and handbag invoice and purchase order management

"You can drill at many different levels and get to an awful lot of detail and easily export and extract that information to manipulate and manage data to make decisions.  It's much easier than getting information off a report that would come out in a nightly batch process." – Tom Stoughton, IT Director, RG Barry

Hanky Panky EDI and SCM design manufacture inventory

"Since implementing Simparel, inventory accuracy has improved by 30 percent, and turnaround times on orders are 25 percent faster.  Store shipments are also more accurate." – Lida Orzeck, CEO, Hanky Panky

Maggy London computer inventory management

"We had three platforms bridging to one another. You can imagine the amount of data that was going back and forth each day. It was an undertaking to keep each system accurate and in real-time synchronization. Now that we have that coveted 'one version of the truth,' we're able to shift our focus toward making better decisions. In this challenging business environment we need the ability to make decisions and react quickly, and being on one system gives us complete transparency."

– Lisa West, VP of Production Operations, Maggy London

J Queen apparel fashion vendor portal

"As a complete start-up, we needed to be totally focused on how to establish our competitive edge, launch our products, and build our customer base. Simparel lets us do all that and more. Simparel fits our current needs, and will easily give us the ability to scale as we grow."

– Tony Cassella, CFO, J Queen

Royce Too footwear software system

"Simparel's leading edge technology provides everything our old legacy and other systems we looked at couldn't – flexibility, ease of use, and, most importantly, complete visibility into our operations so that we can make better informed business decisions. The implementation was very fast and we have experienced significant competitive advantage and return on investment."

– Larry Warehime, COO, Royce Too

Ballin EDI Fashion

"We were looking for a solution that would offer us the ability to participate in the development, and grow with it as well. Simparel was the only solution capable of delivering an unqualified, carte blanche replication of all of our existing ERP functionality. The way in which we do supply and demand balancing is not necessarily replicated in other systems, and it was important for us to retain the same sort of approach going forward as we had with the existing software.

Whenever you are able to accelerate something as time-consuming as system development from conception to delivery, it gives you a huge competitive advantage. We implemented over a weekend and we have never looked back. This system will allow us to do so much more; we have a sound, advanced technological base from which to grow over the next decade and more."

– Ron Cacchione, CIO, Ballin


GMI apparel software reporting tools

"Simparel is simply better. It is better at managing a rapidly evolving product line, better at sales order management, inventory management, and order fulfillment. Simparel streamlines the entire process of managing complex requirements. All of this leads to improved sales performance, increased customer satisfaction and better margin results.

In today's rapidly shifting global economy, Simparel helps us maintain and grow our customer base while protecting our bottom line. Simparel delivers automated processes throughout our business, improving inventory accuracy, reducing labor costs, minimizing errors and improving responsiveness."

– Paul Rotstein, President & CEO, Gold Medal International

Kid Robot toy manufacturing and tracking

"Simparel's ERP solution successfully addresses Kidrobot's unique sales distribution strategy that leverages multiple channels of distribution (retail stores, wholesale customers, Web-based B2B, E-Commerce B2C) for the same products. With product offerings that leverage unique collector items and innovative designs, Simparel has implemented an ERP solution that manages Kidrobot's high velocity development-to-delivery cycles.

Our diverse customer base includes a mix of department stores, specialty stores and consumers; geographically covers both domestic and international markets; and accommodates various currency and local compliance processes. The Simparel ERP system successfully manages all of these processes."

– Diego Marchioni, CEO, Kidrobot

Ralf Lauren information system

"Today, more than ever, we need to be totally focused on how to maintain our business edge, satisfy and grow our customer base, and improve our product deliveries. Simparel’s cloud solution lets us do all that and more, since we no longer need to worry about any IT operating or support issues.

Simparel is able to scale the solution to fit our current needs, and will give us the ability to scale as we grow, giving us the ability to be complex without being complicated. Now we can concentrate on growing our business, while Simparel provides the technology to make it happen."

– Lauren Merkin, CEO, Lauren Merkin

PEM America EDI and vendor portal bedding and blankets

"The Simparel team is excellent to work with. They are very good, very accommodating, and get the job done. A change or correction is either completed on the spot or by the next meeting. The software is very intuitive, fast, and relatively easy."

– Ed Greenberg, Vice President, Pem America