Apparel ERP Solutions


The game-changing Simparel Enterprise Solution technology delivers the combined benefits of an enterprise software platform and critical industry-specific functionality. Rarely can an “off the rack” software solution fit the fashion industry’s unique needs. Whether you are a wholesaler, manufacturer or self-sourcing retailer – large or small – our industry-specific enterprise fashion solution delivers a single point of accountability. Through a single solution, you can optimize your financial results, market response and competitive edge.  Here are just a few of the industry-specific functions built into Simparel to suit your business.


SKU Length

Unlimited number of characters to accommodate variable SKU lengths and segments and allow tracking of products down to the color, size and specific SKU designations.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Simparel incorporates Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to enable comprehensive management of the entire fashion product lifecycle.


Style Grid

Allows companies to drill down into product inventory by product attributes such as style, color, and size so they can respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries.


License and Royalty Management

Tracks licensing agreements and calculates royalty payments due to trademark owners. The amounts are automatically transferred to accounts payable.


Size and Color Matrix

Allows for sizes and colors are listed as modifiers to the general description to enable inventory tracking by the item-level SKU with separate reorder or production points.


Digital Asset Management 

Stores all artwork and tracks which components are copyrightable; providing the ability to electronically file with the U.S. Copyright Office.


Component Management

Tracks the components, sizes and colors for each item; make-versus-buy decision making to allow for time and cost of acquiring components for each order.


UPC Assignment

Catalogs UPC codes for existing products and assigns UPC codes to new products; uses International Article Number (EAN) codes as well as UPC.


Work Order Management

Production management system draws information from pattern management, component management and inventory to produce cutting tickets and work orders.


Product Label Management

Helps manufacturers label products to comply with regulations, including country of origin, materials, washing instructions and California Proposition 65 warnings.


Compliance Reporting 

Prepares all required compliance reports, including custom reports and documentation as required.


Size Definition and Conversion

Includes predefined sizes that can be customized; provides automated conversion from U.S. to European sizing, U.K. sizing and Army Combat Uniform (ACU) standard sizes.


Currency Exchange Values

Tracks exchange values, downloads published values to calculate inventory costs and accounts payable balances, stores current exchange values with every transaction.