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Webinar: Streamline Your Production and Incentive Payroll Processes

Wish you had better control and visibility into your manufacturing operations? Looking for ways to improve productivity and on-time performance? Then you will want to attend this convenient one-hour web meeting to learn how other sewn products and soft goods manufacturers are leveraging incentive payroll and shop floor control systems to do just that. 

Fact is that fashion and soft goods manufacturers can often gain 30-40% in productivity just by moving from hourly to well thought-out individual or team incentive pay programs. Regardless if you are already paying production workers on incentive or just considering it, you will want to learn how Oak Hall Cap & Gown is using the latest software tools to improve overall plant efficiency and performance.

Featured Manufacturing Success Story: Mike Williams, IT Manager, Oak Hall Cap & Gown
Other Presenters: Brad Mikes, Managing Partner, Incentive Payroll Experts
Gene Denny-Lybbert, Strategic Account Manager, Simparel Inc.

Webinar: Could Next Generation Shop Floor Control be Right for You?

Description: Brand and contract manufacturers of everything from fashion apparel to industrial sewn products face constant pressure to reduce costs, improve quality and speed deliveries. With little room for errors and delays, they must constantly stay on top of the status of each order, individual and team productivity, and any off-standard events can make the difference between on-time delivery and chargebacks; profit and loss.

By removing traditional infrastructure requirements and adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for the factory floor, Simparel SFC® puts real-time plant floor management within the reach of a broader range of manufacturers than ever before.


Webinar: Moving Away from Legacy Systems and Choosing the Right ERP Solution

Presented by David Cropper, CIO of Mamiye Brothers, in association with the AAFA. Discussion points included:

  • The drawbacks of continuing to work within a legacy environment;
  • How to calculate the true ROI found from a more advanced ERP solution; and
  • What to look for within your ERP environment that will meet the unique requirements of a global supply chain manufacturer in the fashion industry.