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Business Beyond Excel Spreadsheets

Many apparel and fashion companies rely heavily on “off-the-shelf” software such as Microsoft Excel to manage their businesses. While it may provide an easy solution in the short term, this approach is not sustainable for business growth, stability and long-term profitability.


Is It Time to Purchase an Enterprise Solution?

Determining whether to replace an enterprise solution is a major decision for any apparel and fashion business. Fortunately, recent advances have made enterprise solutions more powerful than ever and dramatically streamlined implementation.


How to Choose the Right ERP Solution

ERP systems are a proven way to unite disjointed business processes and data for improved operations.  In an industry where your styles change on a seasonal basis, shouldn't your systems be just as flexible? Get a selection checklist and learn 11 tips to get maximum value from your ERP solution.


The Fashion ERP Software Landscape - Future Trends

This comprehensive white paper examines how the fashion ERP landscape is changing and highlights key trends and the opportunities associated with these trends, including process flexibility, improved transparency, cycle time reduction and more.


Effective Inventory Management Solutions

In today's fashion market, retailers and consumers are demanding lower prices, greater value, better quality and faster delivery. In order to compete and grow profitably, manufacturers are turning to software solutions to manage inventory more efficiently. This paper outlines the common pitfalls of poor inventory management and how you can overcome them.


The Competitive Advantage of Using EDI

Fashion brands and manufacturers recognize the need to replace inefficient and costly paper-based processes with electronic based connectivity. This paper outlines the benefits of using and EDI solution to improve communication, collaboration and compliance between retailers and their suppliers.


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