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Bringing ERP Beyond the Enterprise with Seamless Commerce

Business analytics can bring together inventory reports from multiple ERPs to give you a view of your inventory in every channel.


Optimizing the Digital Supply Chain

Leading fashion businesses are leveraging their supply chains as engines for growth. By digitizing the chain, they can better reorganize and respond to opportunities amid a sea of information.


Evolving ERP: Expect More for Your Money

Apparel manufacturers, brands and retailers searching for new ERP can be pleasantly surprised to find more functionality than they expected in a single solution. Next-generation solutions are here today and can be readily differentiated for their delivered value.


Minimizing Supply Chain Disruptions: Leveraging PLM to Reduce Risk

Companies that have implemented PLM should not stop at product adoption. Existing investments in PLM can be leveraged even deeper into the product development process and throughout the entire supply chain to minimize risk and disruptions.


Mastering Materials and Production Planning to Drive Profitability

As shoppers demand greater variety and more frequent product innovation, fashion and soft goods brands, manufacturers and retailers are taking a more hands-on approach to sourcing materials and finished goods by embracing more manufacturing-oriented solutions that enable them to more effectively plan, purchase and manage inventories.


Re-examining Omnichannel with Next-Generation Demand Chain Management

As consumers become more digitally-savvy, their demands are changing the way they shop for and procure merchandise. As a result, fashion brands are focusing on next-generation supply chain solutions that enable them to efficiently respond to consumer demand and deliver the customer experience loyal shoppers expect.


The Next Wave of ERP

Forward-looking companies are embracing Fashion Enterprise solutions to gain control of business information, drive global collaboration and streamline the concept-to-consumer cycle. Included in this report are interviews from companies who have already adopted this new model and an interview with Simparel’s Chief Operating Officer.


Using ERP Systems to Fuel Operational Scalability

Regardless of the type of expansion a business is experiencing, companies in growth mode need a scalable ERP system that can support their current and future growth.

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