Warehouse Management System - Apparel WMS

Simparel WMS is a seamless extension of the Simparel ERP solution, providing visibility to all users involved in the supply chain process, eliminating the need for expensive point solutions and interfaces.

Increase Distribution Accuracy - The Simparel Difference

Simparel WMS is designed to address the industry-specific, multi-dimension functionality global fashion companies require, giving you the ability to run more efficient and cost-effective warehouse operations.

The efficient management of your distribution network is the final link to ensuring your products get to the right place, at the right time. This isn't always easy because disruptions in inventory movement happen all the time. How your apparel warehouse management software handles these disruptions is what differentiates one solution from the next. If handled right, your warehouse solution can give you the tools to reduce turnaround time, reduce inventory levels, increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy, and improve customer relationships.

Simparel customers are achieving benefits such as:

  • Reduced Inventory Levels
  • Improved Customer Relations
  • Reduced Chargebacks
  • Real-time, Accurate Inventory Information
  • Complete Integration to Simparel's Unified ERP

Warehouse management isn't just about storage anymore; it's about the movement of goods and making your inventory and people more productive. Simparel's apparel warehouse management software gives you the tools for the visibility, agility and control you need to operate more efficiently, from the supplier to the consumer.

Our advanced warehouse capabilities can manage varied warehouse environments; from simple to complex distribution networks. Real-time exception based alerts notify warehouse managers immediately, providing the agility to correct any potential disruptions in the flow of goods to the customer, helping to maintain good and profitable working relationships.

Simparel's Apparel WMS Functionality Includes:

  • Multi Warehouse Support / Visibility
  • Stock, Aisle, Bin, Pallet, Case, Item Location
  • Transload, Cross Dock, Pick & Pack
  • B2B Replenishment
  • B2C Fulfillment
  • SCM - Logistics Track / Trace Inbound ASN
  • ALL EDI Processes and Labels Supported
  • Retailer Compliance Management
  • Workflow and Pick Wave Optimization
  • Inventory Management / Cycle Counting
  • Directed Labor and Value Add Management
  • Dynamic Routing / Common Carrier
  • Wireless and Automated System Integration
  • Integration with All FedEx / UPS Platforms

Warehouse Management System: Data Sheet

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