Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


As consumers demand ever faster and more innovative products, fashion and soft goods brands and retailers are challenged to evolve with the times. To remain competitive in these fast-paced and competitive markets, companies need to find better ways to grow revenue while reducing costs. With no time to waste on complex and cumbersome systems, it’s time to take a fresh look at PLM.


Evolve from PLM with Simparel® PLM EVO™

Representing the latest evolution in PLM, Simparel® PLM EVO™ has the power to turbocharge your product lifecycle. Taking the user experience to a whole new level, it eliminates much of the tedious data entry to keep designers creative and automates time-consuming processes to speed products to market and simplify global collaboration.


Key Simparel PLM EVO Benefits:

  • Grow Revenue while Reducing Costs
  • Accelerate Design, Development, & Sourcing
  • Enhance Design Creativity & Productivity
  • Boost Calendar/Process Visibility & Control
  • Provide Real-time Information & Analytics


Because legacy PLM systems often require tedious data entry and time-consuming processes, creative teams have often felt that they were more of a hindrance than a help. By requiring absolutely minimal data entry and procedures, Simparel PLM EVO enables designer to stay creative and productive.


The companion Simparel PLM EVO Design Plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® enables designers to launch new concepts, contribute to and use information from PLM without ever leaving their design software.


Key Simparel PLM EVO Advantages:

  • Redefining the PLM User Experience
  • Designers Work Directly in Illustrator®
  • Standalone or Integrated Deployment
  • Full Cloud/Web-based/Mobile Solution


Simparel PLM EVO streamlines approvals, change management, line selection, vendor quotes and bids, compliance and other global processes. Real-time information and analytics keep everyone working on the same page and supports better-informed and more timely business decisions. Simparel PLM EVO provides the same caliber of transactional and analytical reporting capabilities as any other core enterprise system. This allows you to slice, dice and deliver dashboard reports on any and all metrics relevant to your business.


The mobile-first design ensures ease of use and mobile access by internal teams, C-suite executives, and global suppliers from their desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. Whether considering your first system or an upgrade from your legacy PLM, a standalone or enterprise-integrated solution, we invite you to discover The Evolution of PLM.