Supply Chain Management (SCM)


With Simparel SCM, you can improve visibility and control to turn products faster. As a fully embedded component of Simparel Enterprise, Simparel SCM gives you the agility to make more informed decisions to better meet your customer demands. Likewise, Simparel SCM enhances collaboration with trading partners while ensuring on-time deliveries and compliance.


Turn Product Faster - The Simparel Difference

Simparel SCM is designed to address the industry-specific, multi-dimension functionality global fashion companies require. It gives you complete visibility you need across your global supply chain to achieve more cost-effective operations.


In a global industry with complex supply chains, it is crucial to have visibility and tracking of processes and orders. With Simparel SCM, you can easily view the production status and track all orders. It provides the tools needed to increase efficiencies and margins through real-time communication with supply chain partners. This ability to track and receive alerts of any delays, along with real-time tools to correct any problems, ensures better cost management and streamlines cycle times.


Simparel SCM customers are achieving benefits such as:

  • Synchronized Operations
  • Cycle Time Reductions
  • Improved Cash Flow & Cost Management
  • Automated, Collaborative Processes
  • Real-Time Visibility & Alerts


With Simparel SCM, all of your vendor sample and production orders, complete with their requirements, due dates and status, are visible to both you and your vendors in a list or calendar format to simplify and automate communications and actions.


With the Simparel Web-based Vendor Portal, it’s easy to establish and maintain cost and margin control from request for quote (RFQ) through every step of your production order process. Simparel SCM enables you to automate the pricing agreement and actualize the cost through to your distribution center (DC).


With Simparel SCM, you can manage production schedules with your partners to accelerate the process and ensure on-time delivery. Real-time progress updates give you the agility to make more informed decisions to better meet customer needs.


Simparel SCM Functionality Includes:

  • Import & Manufacturing Planning/Workflow
  • Import Logistics Track & Trace
  • Production Sample Request & Tracking
  • Concept-to-Distribution: Plan, Forecast, Actual
  • Production Approval QC through QA
  • Time Phased WIP / Cut & Sold
  • Specification & Bill of Material
  • Purchase Order Generation       
  • Vendor Collaboration & Event Tracking
  • Vendor Compliance Management
  • Vendor Decision Matrix
  • Scorecard & Actionable Intelligence
  • Calendar / Exception Visibility / Alerts
  • Vendor Quality & Cost Decision Matrix
  • Cost Actualization, FIFO, LIFO, WT AVG
  • Retail Compliance Management
  • Digital Asset / Document Management