Electronic Data Interchange


Simparel EDI provides roll-back and drill-through capabilities for managing EDI data. There is no need for expensive third-party EDI translation software or services.


Automate Your Communications - The Simparel Difference

Simparel EDI enables fashion businesses to automatically exchange business-critical data with trading partners, logistics services and vendors.


In a time-sensitive, global industry, you have little margin for errors and delays. Simparel EDI automates your data exchange processes. It saves time and money by eliminating huge amounts of error-prone manual data entry. The software reduces processing time and ensures the validity of your data on purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, inventory reports and other time-sensitive business documents.


Simparel EDI customers are achieving benefits such as:

  • Improved Order Accuracy
  • Faster Communication of Critical Information
  • Shorter Order Processing Time
  • Quicker Reconciliation of Collections
  • Lower EDI Transaction Costs
  • Reduced Chargebacks
  • Better Operational Efficiencies
  • Stronger Customer Relationships


EDI is the standard for business-to-business collaboration across the fashion industry. With Simparel EDI, it’s easy to process EDI orders to meet retail customer requirements and improve operational efficiency.


Simparel EDI Functionality Includes:

  • EDI Mapping for 100 + Major Retailers
  • Generation of Retail-Compliant Labels
  • EDI Compliance Support Program
  • Compliant with AS2, GDSM Standards
  • Open API/Web Services
  • Support for Logistics EDI 7xx, 2xx & 3PL EDI 9xx
  • Fully Automated
  • Plug-and-Play After Initial Testing
  • Embedded in Simparel ERP – Not 3rd Party
  • Easy Integration with Third-Party EDI
  • Transaction Management & Tracking
  • Compliance Control Management