Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Simparel WMS provides distribution center visibility to designated users across the supply chain. Because it is a seamless extension of the Simparel Enterprise Solution, there is no need for expensive WMS point solutions and third-party interfaces.


Increase Distribution Accuracy - The Simparel Difference

Simparel WMS is designed to address the industry-specific, multi-dimension functionality that global fashion companies require. It helps fashion businesses to run efficient, cost-effective warehouse and distribution operations.


When you need to get the right product to the right place at the right time, WMS matters. Your distribution network is the final link in the supply chain. In today’s omnichannel business environment, inventory disruptions are common and warehouse management is more complex than ever before. A powerful WMS can give your fashion business a competitive advantage. Simparel WMS helps you reduce distribution cycle time, reduce inventory levels, increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy and improve customer relationships.


Simparel WMS customers are achieving benefits such as:

  • Reduced Inventory Levels
  • Real-time, Accurate Inventory Information
  • Fewer Chargebacks
  • Increase Inventory Turns
  • Improved Customer Relations

Simparel WMS manages much more than inventory storage; it helps you control the movement of goods and make your inventory and employees more productive. Simparel WMS can be configured for your specific warehouse requirements and distribution models. It notifies managers in real-time of problems that may disrupt the flow of goods.


Simparel WMS Functionality Includes:

  • Multi-Warehouse Support/Visibility
  • Real-time Exception-Based Alerts
  • Stock, Aisle, Bin, Pallet, Case or Item Location
  • Transloading, Crossdocking Processes
  • Pick-and-Pack Management
  • B2B Replenishment
  • B2C Fulfillment
  • Supply Chain Logistics Tracking
  • Inbound ASN Tracing
  • Supports All EDI & Labeling
  • Retailer Compliance Management
  • Workflow & Pick Wave Optimization
  • Inventory Management/Cycle Counting
  • Directed Labor & Value Add Management
  • Dynamic Routing/Common Carrier
  • Wireless & Automated System Integration
  • FedEx/UPS Interfaces